Litter 14 Has Arrived

12th December, 2014

We are delighted to welcome these precious frozen popsicle puppies into the world. From a frozen AI to the handsome Guna, Tempa delivered a beautiful litter of 12 strong and healthy puppies. 7 males [4 correct show ridges, 3 r/l] 5 females [2 correct show ridges, 1 multicrown and 2 r/l]. Sadly a 13th puppy [r/l male] was delivered without his sack some 5 hours after the others and was still born. No DS detected, minimal white [a number of puppies without any] on chest and toes and lovely dark masking on a number of the pups.

They are a beautiful even litter and we are very much looking forward to following their progress.

Tiger Wins Reserve Challenge Dog at the 175th Royal Adelaide Show

10th September, 2014

Ridgeback judging day at the Adelaide Royal today. We didn't pay for any official podium photos this year so I've chosen the above photo of Tiger taken a couple of weeks ago on our holidays in Coffs Harbour; Our handsome young boy turned 3 years old today and was the most successful of our dogs at this years Royal.

Some lovely results from our four showing today in predominately large breed classes. Tiger - Dual Ch (T) Kushika Hole In One 2nd in Open Dog Class and Reserve Challenge Dog. Nia - NBISS MRUBISS Ch Kushika Snö Way To Behave TDX 1st Open Bitch. Rafa - Ch Kushika Match Point 1st Intermediate Dog and Bid -BIS MBISS RUBISS Ch Kushika Secret Bid 2nd Aust Bred Bitch (both owned by Anne Edwards). Lovely consistent results for our breeding. Judge was Dr J Reeve-Newson [Can]

Jarla Passes her Track & Search Championship Test 7

6th September, 2014

Congratulations to Bartess Kennels on Jarla's pass for her Track & Search Test 7. Jarla and her owner/handler Trish did a great job completing her Urban Street Track where the track age is 4-5 hours old. At a point selected by the judge, the dog is directed to halt and wait for 2 minutes before being asked to resume tracking. Jarla worked slowly, but methodically to achieve a pass rating for this test.

Rating: PASS

Tiger Gains his Tracking Champion Title

25th August, 2014

Matt had a difficult track with Tiger today. With above average temperatures, and an open tracking area, Tiger had difficulty getting started. Once on the first leg he worked well, but encountered more difficulty at the first corner which was an acute. He finally located the track, but soon lost it again as the track crossed a dirt track. After much patience on Matt's behalf [and the judges] Tiger finally relocated the track on the other side of the dirt road and whilst working wide of the track at times [and missing one of the articles] he worked reasonably consistently to the end. Unfortunately in the conditions and due to wind direction, he was able to air-scent [Ridgebacks just love to air scent!] the tracklayer well before the end, so Matt had to work hard to keep him working the track on the ground. After a challenging, and less than impressive track [especially after his Very Good rating for his TCh7] Tiger found the end article for a Pass and his Tracking Champion Title.

Rating: PASS

Tiger is Kushika's fourth home bred Dual Champion Rhodesian Ridgeback, and second Male Ridgeback, behind his Sire, Hawk. Tiger does make breed history in South Australia however, becoming SA's first Dual Champion Male Rhodesian Ridgeback, and Australia's youngest Dual Champion male, with him completing his Dual Championship Title just proir to 3 years of age.

Nia Passes her Tracking Champion Test 7

25th August, 2014

Nia worked hard today in above average temperatures to complete her Tracking Test 7. She did get lost a couple of times, but Nia, with a similar tracking style to Ffion works really hard to relocate the track,and on every occasion was able to work her way back to finding the track. Unfortunately due to the large number of entrants in one of the trials this season, she was unlucky to be ballotted out, and so won't have the chance to try out for her Tracking Champion title until next season. Still, a lovely tracking season for Nia with 100% pass rate in the trials she competed in. We are very proud of this versatile young girl.

Hawk Gains his Tracking Champion Title

25th August, 2014

Hawk ran a great track today in Victoria. Starting slow, he pick up pace and got into a great rhythm. He found all three of the articles, did some excellent corners, before cutting one acute as he had already picked up the scent of the next leg, and came in really well to find the tracklayer at the end, and in doing so, gain his Tracking Champion Title. Big Congratulations to Darren & Trish Stebbings of Bartess Kennels on Hawk's new title. Hawk is Bartess Kennels 5th Dual Champion.

Rating: GOOD

Congratulations also to Kate Smith on Buka's Tracking Champion Title. Buka, handled by Trish Stebbings gained his final pass today for his Tracking Champion Title. Buka [Dual Ch (T) Kipsigis Zibuka CD RE] with numerous titles in different disciplines is the sire of our Tirari litter. Congratulations again Kate and Buka on another fantastic achievement for this very tallented Veteran boy.


10th August, 2014

Finally come down from Cloud Nine enough to post a report from the 11th RR National Specialty Show hosted by the QLD Club. Words cannot describe the emotions on this very special win, and I've been in tears today more times than I can count, re-living our 2000km road trip to QLD National in 2006 where our first home bred bitch, Kierra [NBISS RUBISS Ch Kushika Desert Orchid ET ROM] won Best in Show. I cannot put in to words the joy to have owned, bred and then handled her granddaughter Nia [NBISS MRUBISS Ch Kushika Snö Way To Behave TDX] to win NATIONAL BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW [entry of 158] under Breed Specialist Mr Gordon Cunningham [Wallamadengie RR’s Scotland]. This win was made so much more special by the fantastic support and encouragement from such a wonderful group of friends – Matt and I feel truly rich beyond words. A big thank you and congratulations to the Committee of the QLD Club on all their hard work and commitment to putting together such an amazing National Show. The trophies are stunning and will hold treasured memories for us always. Also a big thank you to Ffiona Jane Erskine [Ffire Photography] for her skill and artistic flair behind the lens in capturing these special moments– they are just breathtaking! And finally – someone who I never thank enough for his commitment to all my big dreams and grand plans to drive our dogs half way across this huge continent – my life partner, my best friend and my soul mate – Matt. Thank you so much for believing in my dreams.

Other lovely results from this memorable weekend include Tiger [Ch Kushika Hole In One TDX] winning the largest of the dog classes – Intermediate Dog and Best Opposite Intermediate in Show to his National Best in Show winning Cousin, Nia [class entry 13] . Tiger was also awarded Best Headed Dog. Kierra’s daughter Tempa [Ch Kushika Tenyere Tempest] was 5th in Open Bitch Class and Jarla [Dual Ch (T) Kushika Wild Dream TSDX] – proudly owned by Darren and Trish Stebbings [Bartess Kennels] placed 4th in the Veteran Bitch Class.

Hawk awarded Best In Field at the Lure Coursing Event held in conjuntion with the National

9th August, 2014

The National Committee organised a fantastic lure coursing event at the completion of judging on Day 1

It was our first oportunity to watch Hawk doing one of the things he loves most. He ran an excellent course and it was lovely to see his form and function put to the ultimate test in this high speed chase. A beautiful combination of masculine strength and elegance, he demonstrated his abilities to manuveur and corner at speed to the fullest, resulting in him being awarded BEST IN FIELD.

Shaab's daughter Chilli [bred by Kapama Kennels in Victoria] also did the Southern-staters proud placing third best in trial. A fantastic result for this young girl when you consider she is only 13 months old and this event was her very first try-out.

Tiger Wins Intermediate Dog Class and Best Headed Dog at the 11th National, hosted by RRCQ

9th August, 2014

Day 1 of the National Specialty show, and some lovely results with Tiger winning the largest of the dog classes, Best Intermediate Dog [class entry 13]. Tiger was also awarded Best Headed Dog in the property classes.

We set off on the road to Brisbane for the 11th RR National Specialty Show.

4th August, 2014

...On the road again

After weeks of planning and preparation we set off from Adelaide on a cold and frosty Monday morning with nothing but 2056km of great Country Australia lying between us and our destination - Sunny Brisbane and the 11th RR National Specialty Show. Photographed above is our Advert designed for the Specialty Souvenir Catalogue.

Tiger Passes his Tracking Champion Test 7

27th July, 2014

Tiger worked really well today in the more scrubby area of Callington Hill. Despite still conditions earlier in the day the temperature was warming up and there was moderate wind by the time of his track at midday. He worked hard and found all three articles, negotiating the track well and ignoring the cross track and came in well to the finish article. Here are the lovely comments from his judge - Josie Miller

"The dog did a lovely job, working at a steady pace, quartered somewhat widely in a couple of places but worked out each corner. Indicated all the articles and the end article. Well done."


Tiger Wins RU Best in Group [Group 2] at the Marion Kennel Club Championship Show

25th July, 2014

We had a very successful day at the Marion Kennel Club Championship Show with Tiger [Ch Kushika Hole In One TDX] winning a lovely Best of Breed [16pt] before going on to win RU BEST IN GROUP [the Best in Group winning Afghan went on to win Best In Show] from a lovely line up of Hounds under FCI Judge Mr P Rehanek [Cze Rep]. His cousin Nia [Ch Kushika Snö Way To Behave TDX] was Bitch CC [13pt] and RU Best of Breed.

Ffion Gains her Track & Search Dog Excellent Title

7th July, 2014

A fantastic end to a very big weekend of Tracking and Track & Search. Last night Matt and Ffion had their TSDX Test 6. This is an urban street track that is run at night once the track has aged for 3-4 hours. Ffion did a great job of negotiating her way around the streets of 3-4 blocks and working through two different parks before finding her tracklayer waiting at the end in a third park. She did a very thorough job of checking out all the street corners, but once she had decided on the correct direction, she was very committed. It was great for me to watch this one from the comfort of the safety car that was following, so I had a great vantage point to watch her work. A big thank you to the Tracking Dog Club of SA for organizing this night trial (Ffion was the only entrant for night tracking), and for all the people (Safety Car, Safety Steward, Judge, SACA Rep and Tracklayer) who turned out from their warm homes on a very cold Sunday night to make it possible. Ffion is now Dual Ch (T) Kushika Tirari Emerald TSDX ET and our most titled Ridgeback with a total of 7 titles to her name

Rating: GOOD

Nia Gains her Tracking Dog Excellent Title

5th July, 2014

Nia ran a lovely track today to complete her TDX6 track with a rating of Good. She tracked really well in the windy conditions. She tracked true on all the legs and indicated all her articles well, just a little trouble on the corners prevented her from rating as Very Good.

This is the lovely critique she received from our judge Christine Hayes:

Nia started well – nose down bum up and off we went ignoring the first X track and working around the first corner and down to the acute. This is where she had a good search – rounding the corner then checking out all other directions before getting back to the track, finding the first article and working well to the next corner where she once again checked around before continuing. All 3 articles and the finish article were well indicated, with only the corners withholding a Very Good rating. Congratulations on your TDX title.

Rating: GOOD

Tiger Gains his Tracking Dog Excellent Title

15th June, 2014

Tiger worked a good track. He checked the start and cross track out well before commiting to the track. He worked the corners out, but quartered wide in some areas. Tiger indicated all articles to achieve a good rating and gain his Tracking Dog Excellent Title.

Rating: GOOD

Nia passes her Tracking Dog Excellent Test 5

15th June, 2014

Nia worked hard today to gain a pass in her TDX5. She had quite a lot of difficulty negotiating the corners, but kept working hard to get back on track. She found all the articles to gain a pass rating.

Rating: PASS

Nia wins RU Best of Breed on Day Three of the Prestigious Winter International Weekend

1st June, 2014

Today was the final day of the Winter International and under Hound Specialist Mr G Krishan (Malaysia) Nia was awarded RU Best of Breed, and Bitch Challenge and Tiger was Reserve Challenge Dog.

A lovely weekend of consistent results for our young dogs with a large breed entry at all three shows.

Also lovely news from Victoria with Hawk's daughter Rioux - Bartess Makena [owned by Darren and Trish at Bartess Kennels] taking a lovely 14 point Bitch Challenge, RU Best of Breed and Best Puppy In Group and Shaab's daughter Piper -Kapama African Dream [owned by Karen Tapody of Kapama Kennels] taking Reserve Challenge Bitch under Breed Specialist Mrs L King.

Tiger wins Best of Breed at The Hound Club Specialty Championship Show

31st May, 2014

Today we showed at the Hound Club Specialty under Hound Specialist Mrs S Juutilainen (Finland) and the weather whilst decidedly colder, and threatening rain thankfully stayed dry for the most part.

Tiger showed beautifully, winning a very competitive dog challenge, before going on to be awarded Best of Breed [22 points]. Nia was Reserve Challenge Bitch.

Tiger wins Best of Breed on Day One of the prestigious Winter International Weekend

30th May, 2014

A lovely weekend of showing, this time at our home grounds in South Australia [only our second weekend out here this year].

Friday was the first day of the Winter International Shows, beautiful sunny weather, and a lovely breed entry. Tiger was awarded a lovely 19 point Best of Breed under Canadian Judge Ms C Ringstrom and had an extra run for final group placements.

Nia was awarded Challenge Bitch [12 points].

Nia Passes her Tracking Dog Excellent Test 4

24th May, 2014

Our first tracking trial for the 2015 Tracking Season, and Nia completed her TDX4 track with a pass rating.

Rating: PASS

Tiger Passes his Tracking Dog Excellent Test 5

24th May, 2014

Our first tracking trial for the 2015 Tracking Season, and Tiger was in top form passing his TDX5 track. His judge, Mrs M L Roberts, had this to say about him in his critique;

"Tiger decided that he was going to enjoy his day out. He started well, paralleled the first leg, turned, and instead of crossing the nice gentle slope provided for him, he threw in a bit of agility and leapt a nearby 6ft cliff to go on and find the first article. Luckily Matt has a long lead and so could follow a little more easily. Tiger tracked well, made all his turns except the last, which he cut. He found and indicated 2 of the 3 articles and made another leap to cross a gully."


Bid Wins her Second Best In Specialty Show at the RR Club of Victoria Championship Show

17th May, 2014

We had a lovely day of showing at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria Specialty show. Biggest congratulations to Anne Edwards on her special girl Bid [BIS BISS RUBISS Ch Kushika Secret Bid] on winning her second Best In Specialty Show [breed entry 107] under Judge Mrs Iva Cernohubova [Czech Republic]. We were so pleased that Anne could be with us this time and see her special girl show so beautifully and win Best in Show.

Tiger Wins Reserve Challenge Dog at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria Specialty Show

17th May, 2014

Kushika Kennels had a wonderful day at the RR Club of Victoria Championship Show.

The top honours for the day went to the Beautiful Bid from our 'Secret litter' [see post above].

We were also thrilled with our young Intermediate male, Tiger [Ch Kushika Hole in One TD] who won a very competitive Intermediate Dog Class before going on to win Reserve Challenge Dog, and Best Intermediate in Show [Breed entry 107]. A big thank you to Darren for showing him so beautifully. Tiger also won Best Ridge Dog. His sire Hawk [BISS Ch Kushika Secret Intention TD ET] proudly owned by Darren and Trish Stebbings at Bartess Kennels in Victoria was awarded Best Sire & Progeny and Best Headed Dog.

Nia [MRUBISS Ch Kushika Sno Way To Behave TD] was awarded Best Gaited Bitch, and also won Best Brace with her mum Saran. Lots of other lovely results with all 6 Kushika dogs shown taking placings in class resulting in our 5th Most Successful Breeder Award.

Also a big well done to Dr Tim Ryan with his young intermediate girl Kushika Match Made Zuri TD on her Best in Trial in the Obedience Ring.

A big thank you to the RR Club of Victoria on such a well run show. Lots of lovely prizes and ribbons to bring home to South Australia with us.

Tiger Wins Back to Back Best Intermediate In Show

4th May, 2014

Day two for the weekend, Hawk was again awarded Best Of Breed [13 points] and was shortlisted to final three for Best in Group, before going on to win Best Australian Bred in Group. Nia was RU Best of Breed and Challenge bitch [10 points]. Tiger was Reserve Challenge dog and again went on to win Best Intermediate in Group and Best Intermediate in Show. A great way to finish off a great weekend away.

New Kushika Champion - BISS Ch Kushika Secret Intention TD ET

3rd May, 2014

A lovely weekend away showing in 'Sunny Sunraysia'. It was definitely a weekend for 'the boys' with Hawk - BISS Kushika Secret Intention TD ET [owned by Bartess Kennels] winning a lovely Best of Breed [12 points] at the first show to gain his Australian Champion title. Tempa was RU Best of Breed and Bitch Challenge and her daughter Storm -Bartess Wild Storm Damage [Bartess Kennels]was Reserve Challenge bitch.

At the afternoon show the boys success continued with Tiger Best Of Breed [14 points]. In the Group line-up - Tiger was shortlisted to the final four for Best in Group before going on to win Best Intermediate in Group and Best Intermediate in Show. Hawk was RU Best of Breed and Reserve Challenge Dog. Nia took the Bitch Challenge and Hawk's daughter Rioux -Bartess Makena [Bartess Kennels] was Reserve bitch.

Big Congratulations to Darren and Trish on their latest Champion, which Hawk did in great style, once we managed to get Darren out to a dog show! We all had a great night celebrating the success of Hawk and the Hawks for the weekend with a few celebratory drinks and a few friendly games of pool.

Nia Awarded Best Bitch and Best of Breed at the Hound Club of SA Championship Show

5th April, 2014

Our first show weekend in South Australia for the year and lovely results at the South Australia Hound Club Championship Show today with Nia awarded Best of Breed [22 points] under Top Hound Specialist Mr Mark Cocozza [UK] before going on to shortlist to the top four hounds for Best In Show under sighthound Specialist Mrs J Gagne [Can] with a hound entry of 206.

Success at the Berwick Show, Victoria

22nd February, 2014

Our first show for 2014, and some lovely results for our young dogs with Tiger awarded RU Best of Breed and Dog Challenge from the Intermediate Class, and Nia Res Bitch Challenge [Breed entry 18].

It was a lovely weekend away, perfect weather and great company, and lovely to see the new generations [and Kushika relatives] at Bartess and Kapama Kennels.

Kushika Kennels #1 Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder of the Year in SA

17th January, 2014

The results are in for the 2013 Dogzonline Competition and we are very happy to announce that Kushika Kennels was awarded #1 Rhodesian Ridgeback Breeder of the Year in South Australia and #3 Nationally [DOL Advance Breeder of the Year Competition 2013].

Many thanks to the dedication of all the Kushika owners whose successes throughout 2013 in their various disciplines enabled us to be awarded #1 Breeder in SA:

  • Ch Kushika Snö Way To Behave TD - 2 x RU Best in Specialty win and Tracking Dog Title
  • Kushika Match Made Zuri CD - Community Companion Dog Title [CCD] and Companion Dog Title [CD]
  • Dual Ch (T) Kushika Tirari Emerald TSD ET - Track & Search Dog Title
  • Ch Kushika Hole in One TD - Tracking Dog Title
  • Ch Kushika Match Point - Australian Champion Title

  • Ch Kushika Tirari Sapphire ET - Challenge Royal Adelaide Show

  • Aust Dual Ch (T) Kushika Wild Dream TSDX - Track & Search Dog Excellent Title

A great achievement for all involved, with special mention to Dr Tim Ryan for his amazing successes with his Intermediate girl, Zuri in Obedience and Trish and Darren Stebbings and Matt who have been creating new breed history in Tracking and Track & Search.