Kushika Match Made Zuri CD - New Commpanion Dog Title

26th November, 2013

Fantastic news from Victoria today, with Zuri - Kushika Match Made Zuri CCD gaining her CD title last night. At just over 2 years of age, Zuri has now achieved the highest obedience award of our Kushika breeding.

This clever girl passed her first CD trial in September under Judge F Brueckner on 182 [3rd place] and was nicknamed as the "Black Caviar" of the dog world with 4 passes from a total of 4 trials, before her first miss at the PM trail ...although, to be fair, even Black Caviar never raced twice in one day!

Her final two passes were:

Judge N McIlroy, 185 points [1st place]

Judge D Cody, 184 points [2nd place]

Only trialling a total of 9 times in Novice, and with excellent scores and fantastic placings [between 10 and 14 dogs in these trials], Zuri and her owner/handler Dr Tim Ryan are certainly a formidable team.

Bigest congratulations to you both on your latest acheivement and second Obedience title in one year! Simply amazing, and we wish you both every success in your future trials.

Nia awarded 2013 South Australian Rhodesian Ridgeback of the Year

20th November, 2013

Fantastic news today with our beautiful young girl Nia [MRUBISS Ch Kushika Snö Way To Behave TD] being announced as the South Australian Rhodesian Ridgeback of the Year (SARRY) winner.

This award is calculated from the top 15 BOB/RUBOB awards for the Club year and Nia won it easily with only 6 BOB/RUBOB wins making up her winning total of 158. By comparison, the second place and Best Opposite Sex winning score was 88 from a total of 15 shows.

Shown extremely sparingly for the 2013 Club year, Nia has only attended 13 shows and of these has won 2 x RU Best in Specialty Show, a Hound Club Best of Breed (in SA) and a Hound Club RU Best of Breed (in NSW) all of which have contributed to her SARRY win.

Nia awarded Best Bitch and Best of Breed - Hound Club of SA

27th October, 2013

A big weekend with our first shows at DogsSA grounds since July. It was the Hound Club weekend, and with an Open and Champ Show running simultaneously [with the Open Show in reverse alphabetical order] it sure kept everyone on their toes. We only had one dog entered in the Championship show, but happy to say that following up from her lovely win at the NSW RR Specialty show, Nia was awarded Best of Breed at the Hound Club Champ Show with Anne's girl, Bid going Runner Up Best of Breed. Nia got a final run for Best in Show but was unfortunately knocked out of further classes by the Open BIS winner.

Nia awarded Reserve Bitch and RU Best of Breed - Hound Club of NSW

7th October, 2013

The final show for the weekend was the Hound Club of NSW Champ Show. This was a first time for us, and the grounds at Castle Hill were certainly interesting, with the sloping ring getting harder to run uphill every lap.

After two full days of showing at the Specialty we decided to mix things up a bit with a Funny-Monday of swap handling. I was very honoured to be allowed to handle Nia's sire, Ruger to the dog Challenge, and Dale handled Ruger's son Seger to Res Challenge. Ruger's daughters Asia took out a 25 pt BOB and Nia [also handled by Wendy at this stage] RUBOB respectively. Wendy also handled Tiger to place in the Intermediate dog class.

The weather was thankfully MUCH cooler and it was great to be able to catch up with other RR exhibitors past and present. It was a lovely day and lovely finish to a great weekend.


6th October, 2013

We enjoyed a fantastic weekend of showing at the RR Club Inc Specialty Show. We entered 4 dogs and came home with 8 ribbons so very happy with our show team.

Nia [MRUBISS Ch Kushika Snö Way To Behave TD] won a very competitive Intermediate Bitch Class before going on to be awarded Bitch Challenge and RU BEST IN SHOW - breed entry 117. Judge was Mr J Achtergael [Belgium].

Other lovely class wins included Tiger who awarded Best Headed Dog, Shaab Best Veteran Dog 7-10 years, Best Veteran 7-10 years and Best Veteran in Show. Nia's mum Saran was 2nd in Australian Bred Bitch Class [class entry 16] and was awarded Best Ridge Bitch and Best Ridge Overall. Ruger was awarded Sire's Progeny with his winning team of Seger, Nia and Asia.

Congratulations to the NSW Club on a very well run show and a beautiful trophy table, they certainly put the weather on for us as promised, although the 34C on Sunday was a tad hot for us cold Southern-staters! It was also great to have a little more time than usual to catch up with Wendy Lam and Dale Blinco and all the lovely Ruger progeny and rellies, and make some new friends over a bottle or few of wine of a night at the Taiping Hilton.

Saran awarded Best Bitch and RU Best of Breed - Royal Adelaide Show

6th September, 2013

Today at the presitgious Royal Adelaide Show, Saran was awarded top honours winning the Open Bitch Class, Bitch Challenge and going on to win RU Best of Breed. Another lovely result for Saran just shy of 6 years of age and just over 6 months after the birth of her second litter.

Other lovely class wins and placings included Rafa - Best Intermediate Dog, Nia Best Intermediate Bitch and Tiger, 2nd in the Australian Bred Dog Class.

Judge was Mr K Edh [Sweden]

  • New Track & Search Dog Excellent Title

    30th August, 2013

    Tonight in Melbourne Jarla gained her Track & Search Dog Excellent Title.

    Wonderful news tonight with Jarla successfully passing her TSD6 test. This is the final Track and Search test currently offered and is an urban street track conducted at night. Jarla and her owner/handler Trish successfully completed the track passing with a rating of VERY GOOD. With this achievement Jarla has joined her sire Buzz [MBISS, MRUBISS Dual Ch (T) Gr Ch Bartess Wild Triumph TSDX ET ROM] the first TSDX RR Male, as the first female TSDX RR in Australia. Big congratulations to Darren and Trish Stebbings for these lovely achievements in this discipline.

  • Ffion also successfully tracked her TSD4 to gain a pass.

    New Australian Champion Title

    24th August, 2013

    Ch Kushika Match Point "Rafa"

    Today Rafa picked up the final points for his Australian Champion title. Big congratulations Anne on this lovely achievement for your young boy. Rafa is Champion number two for his Dam Ffion and Sire Hawk, and Anne's 4th Champion. Rafa is maturing very nicely indeed and we look forward to lots more fun and many more successes for this handsome young male.

    New Tracking Dog Title

    18 August, 2013

    Today in Melbourne Nia gained her Tracking Dog Title.

    Another very successful day of trialling at The Tracking Dog Club of Victoria Trial in Inverleigh. The weather was very cold, wet and windy with near gale-force winds. Fortunately the scrubby terrain in the National Park offered some protection. Nia successful tracked her TD3 and did a great job, going in to find her unknown tracklayer hiding at the end, under a tarpaulin. She passed with a rating of GOOD and in doing so gained her Tracking Dog title.

  • Other successful tracks for the day included Tiger who passed his Test 4 [TD4]with a rating of GOOD and Hawk who passed his Test 5 [TD5]with a rating of VERY GOOD

    New Tracking Dog Title

    10 August, 2013

    Today in Adelaide Tiger gained his Tracking Dog Title.

    It was an absolutely perfect day for tracking - after a cold start the weather was bright and sunny with virtually no wind [almost unheard of at Monarto]. Tiger completed his TD3 with a PASS rating for his Tracking Dog Title. Another lovely achievement for this young man.

  • Nia also had a very successful day - she was the first track of the day for her TD1 which she completed with a PASS rating, and was then lucky enough to get a track-on for her TD2. This was much later in the day, and the temperature has warmed considerably with some brave lizards making the most of the warm winter sun. She worked hard, ignoring a flock of sheep that was located at the start of her track, and was very focussed to continue working to complete her track with a rating of GOOD.

    All in all it was a very successful day

    New Track & Search Dog Title

    7 July, 2013

    Today in Melbourne, Ffion gained her Track and Search Dog Title.

    We enjoyed a lovely day at the Warrigul & Districts Kennel Club Track and Search Trial in Victoria Ffion was the second last track for the day and she worked very well to gain a pass on her TSD3 with a rating of GOOD.

  • It was also lovely to be able to watch Trish and her girl Jarla [Dual Ch (T) Kushika Wild Dream TSD] on her urban street track, TSD5 - Jarla also passed with a rating of GOOD.

    It was a great day with lovely weather [after a very cold start!]and we met lots of lovely people who made us feel very welcome and had some lovely successes to celebrate

    New Community Companion Dog Title

    29 April, 2013

    Some lovely news today - Zuri [Kushika Match Made Zuri] gained her CCD title at a double trial in Melbourne yesterday.

  • With approx 30 dogs in each trial, Zuri passed both trials with excellent scores. She gained 92/100 with Ms N McIlroy in the AM trial with 27/30 for heeling. In the PM trial with Mr D Cody she was a little slower with her heel work gaining 21/30 at the end of an incredibly long day, and 19/20 for her recall. In both trials she gained 20/20 for the stand for examination.

  • Her three scores from only three trials entered were 95 [at the RRCVic Restricted Trial in March], 92 and 90. So a CCD title in only three trials entered for this clever young girl at only 19 months of age.

  • Big, big congratulations to her owner/handler Dr Tim Ryan on an absolutely fantastic achievement for you both.


    13 April , 2013

    Nia was awarded RUNNER UP BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW at the RRCSA Championship Show under Breed Specialist Judge Mrs S Cameron-Codognotto [Ozrhode Kennels], a fantastic achievement for our young girl, only just into the Intermediate Class at 19 months of age. Nia also made the cut to the final two for Best Gaited Bitch.

    Hawk wins Opposite Australian Bred in Show

    13 April , 2013

    Some lovely results for the handsome Hawk from our 'Secret' litter, winning Opposite Australian Bred in Show under Breed Specialist Mrs S Cameron-Codognotto [Ozrhode]. Hawk was also awarded Best Headed Dog [Hawk's 3rd] and Sire and Progeny with his two young sons Tiger and Rafa.

  • Big congratulations to Darren and Trish at Bartess Kennels for the lovely class and property wins. Hawk was beautifully presented and looking fantastic as always.
  • Tiger wins Opposite Intermediate in Show

    13 April , 2013

    Some lovely results for our young boy Tiger winning Opposite Intermediate in Show [Intermediate in Show and Runner up Best in Show was awarded to his cousin Nia] under Breed Specialist Mrs S Cameron-Codognotto [Ozrhode]. Tiger also made the cut to the final two for Best Headed Dog before being pipped at the post by his dad, Hawk.

  • Other lovely placings for Kushika dogs included:

  • 2nd Australian Bred Bitch, and final cut for Best Headed Bitch for Bid

  • 2nd Open Bitch, and final cut for Best Headed Bitch for Tempa

    Kushika Kennels also came VERY close to picking up another Most Successful Breeder in Show award ...missing out by 1 point.

  • We had a lovely day at the show, great weather and great company and best of all plenty to celebrate.

    Bid Qualifies for DogsVic Night of Nights

    16 March, 2013

    We enjoyed a lovely night attending the Invitation Only Dogs Victoria Night of Nights with Bid [BIS, BISS, RUBISS Ch Kushika Secret Bid], a qualifier for the Show Dog of the Year award. Bid showed beautifully and certainly did us proud. It was lovely to have the chance to showcase our breed at such an event, as she was one of only 7 hounds in attendance. Lovely company with fellow Ridgeback breeder Karen Tapody [Kapama] and her handsome boy Griffin - BIS Ch Kapama Run Zamba Run and fellow South Australian hound exhibitors. The ridgebacks did us proud and it was lovely for them to be seen showcasing at such a prestigious event and we received some lovely compliments over the duration of the evening.

    Kushika Match Made Zuri - BEST IN TRIAL RRCV

    16 March, 2013

    Zuri (Kushika Match Made Zuri) passed with a score of 95/100 in the CCD class at the restricted obedience trial and went on to win BEST IN TRIAL. Lovely result for her first ever trial, a big well done to her and her owner/handler Tim on a great achievement.

    Hawk Best Headed Dog at RRCVic Specialty

    16 March, 2013

    Some lovely results from the 2 day RRCV Specialty Show. We couldn't attend this year due to work commitments, but the Kushika dogs that were did us proud:

  • Hawk (BISS Kushika Secret Intention TD ET) – 2nd from 10 in Aust Bred Dog Class and Best Headed Dog. Big congratulations to Darren and Trish at Bartess Kennels.

  • Zuri (Kushika Match Made Zuri) passed with a score of 95/100 in the CCD class at the restricted obedience trial and went on to win BEST IN TRIAL. Lovely result for her first ever trial, a big well done to her and her owner/handler Tim on a great achievement.

  • Also Jarla’s daughter Bella (Bartess Dream Chaser) was awarded 2nd from 9 in the Intermediate Bitch class with very limited showing so another lovely accolade for Bartess Kennels.

  • Judge was Ms P Stracke (Ger)

    Litter 13 has Arrived

    19 February, 2013

    Saran gave birth to a litter of 8 strong healthy puppies. With the largest of them weighing in at 630g, they were delivered safely with a little assistance half way through from our wonderful vet. Mum and babies are doing really well and we will regualarly update photos on their litter page as the continue to grow.

    Litter 12 has Arrived

    13 February, 2013

    Ffion gave birth to another bumper sized litter of 14 beautiful puppies. From a frozen AI, to our homebred boy Cooper, we have 6 gorgeous girls and 8 handsome boys. Mum and babies are doing really well and we will regualarly update photos on their litter page as the continue to grow.

    Nia Wins Junior in Group

    26 January, 2013

    After a three month break from the ring, Nia was Best of Breed at both shows this weekend, and was also awarded Best Junior in Group on Australia Day in a strong line up of hounds.

    New Website is Completed

    January, 2013

    The Litter pages and Dogs Proudly Bred pages have now all been completed. We hope you enjoy looking around our website.

    Bid Awarded No.1 RR Bitch, Show Dog of The Year Competition 2012*

    January, 2013

    The final scores have been tallied for the *Dogzonline Show Dog of the Year Competition 2012 and we're thrilled to see Bid finish the Year as the No.1 RR Bitch, All Breeds Competition for South Australia. This achievement is extra special to us, as her owner Anne had major surgery on her back last year resulting in a very limited show year for Bid. This result was achieved with Bid only entered in approximately 16 shows for the whole year. Big Congratulations Anne and Bid.