Vale Kierra (NBISS/RUBISS Ch Kushika Desert Orchid ET ROM) 21.11.01 - 04.05.12

On 4th May 2012 I lost my gorgeous girl Kierra. Such a strong and determined character and whom together we shared so many first experiences. Born from my first litter in 2001, Kierra was always destined to stay with us, and from early on we knew that she had that something special about her. Whilst her attitude to showing was variable, she excelled at Specialty shows and was rarely unplaced during her show career. Kierra won classes in all three National Specialities she was exhibited at and her crowning glory came in 2006 when she was BISS at the 8th National RR Specialty Show in Brisbane, QLD - with the largest breed entry in Australia at the time of 257. Most importantly to us however, Kierra proved herself as an exceptional brood bitch producing 6 champions of her own, including our first export MRUBISS DK Ch KLB Ch Kushika Tanami Moya who resides at Kennel Kinyemi in Denmark and Dual Ch (T) Kushika Tirari Emerald ET. Kierra harmonised beautifully with multiple sires from different lines and her prepotency has continued through into her many lovely grandchildren, multiple BISS, BIS and RUBISS winners already amongst them. At her passing she was 5 x Winner of Dam & Progeny at various National and Specialty Shows around the country and for us these are amongst the most special of her achievements - a true and lasting testament of her prepotency.

Aloof and reserved (with family as well as strangers), Kierra rarely showed affection nor accepted it willingly; in fact she has a special 'sucked lemon expression' for any affection that was given to her that close friends will fondly remember her by I'm sure. She was however the most amazing protector of home and property - a job she took very seriously. Two months after her passing our home was still silent from barking as she was the one to alert everyone to any arriving car at the gate and keep barking until the visitors/owners had entered our home.

Tenacious, headstrong, determined, stoic, dignified and aloof would all be fitting words for Kierra, she was never an easy dog to live with, but such an enormous character, she was nearly human. A very good friend of mine recently said that Kierra probably taught me more about living with RR's in her lifetime than 6 or more RR's could have taught me and on reflection I think that is so true.

Perhaps Kierra's greatest love in life, and the one thing that would really ignite the fire in her eyes and passion in her heart was the thrill of the chase. A natural hunter, she bailed up many kangaroos whilst living on our property, most notably when her Tirari litter were only 4 weeks of age at home in the whelping box! Another memory was of her swimming across a freezing dam in chase of a family ducks less than a week before the arrival of her first litter. Clearly Kierra believed hunting and motherhood could AND should go hand in hand! Lizard and snake killing became a favourite pastime in her older age as her endurance on the chase slowed and the hills became harder to run up at speed.

Kierra is now resting peacefully with her mum Roedey by our big old gum tree beside the river, but I'm sure her spirit has found its way to the rainbow bridge where she is giving those bunny and kangaroos hell! Whilst the pain of her passing is still strong, I am forever grateful for all that she has given to us, and I hope that I will sit here, many years from now with future generations of our dogs at Kushika and still see her indelible characteristics, type and wilful spirit still shining through. R.I.P and run free my gorgeous girl …always in my heart x

Significant Achievements

  • Best Dam & Progeny - Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria Championship Show 2011 under Breed Specialist Mrs J Bates [UK]
  • Best Dam's Progeny - Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Western Australia 2010 under Breed Specialist Mr E Patterson [Rocksham, Ire]
  • Best Dam & Progeny - 9th National Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty 2010 [Hosted by RRCSA] under Mr G Eva [Southern Africa]
  • Opposite Open in Show - Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria Championship Show 2007 under Breed Specialist Mr J Berg [Norway]
  • BEST IN SHOW - 8th National Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty 2006 [Hosted by RRCQ] under Breed Specialist Anthony Lord Edwards (Lyonvelt, Ire)
  • Best Brace [with brother Cooper] - 8th National Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty 2006 [Hosted by RRCQ]
  • South Australian Rhodesian Ridgeback of the Year [SARRY] winner 2006
  • Makimba Obedience and Endurance Trophy [MOET] winner 2006
  • Achieved Endurance Trial title - June 2006
  • Best Brace [with Brother Cooper] RRCSA Open and Championship Shows 2006
  • Reserve Challenge Bitch at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of Victoria Championship Show 2006
  • Runner up to Best in Specialty Show Winner at Rhodesian Ridgeback Club of South Australia Open Show 2005
  • Best Brace [with Mum Roedey] at RRCSA Open Show 2005
  • Opposite Intermediate in Show - 7th National Rhodesian Ridgeback Specialty 2004 [Hosted by RRCV] under Breed Specialist Mrs Dorothy Grayson Wood (Isiqua, UK)
  • Reserve Challenge Bitch - Royal Adelaide Show 2003
  • Multi Runner up Best in Group Winner [Championship Show]
  • Multiple Class in Group Winner [Championship Show]
  • Best Gaited Bitch - RRCSA Open Show 2004
  • Best Headed Bitch - RRCSA Open Show 2004
  • Junior In Show - RRCSA Championship Show 2003
  • Placed 3rd in Junior Bitch RRCV Championship Show under Dr R Hildermann [USA] 2003
  • Placed 2nd in Minor Puppy Bitch at RRCQ 25th Anniversary Championship Show under Breed Specialist Mrs Janet Wang [South Africa]